Scott Walker is failing
Wisconsin Students

A $1.2 Trillion Crisis

Student loan debt is a national crisis. Student loans are the second largest type of consumer debt in the U.S., crippling students and borrowers with over $1.2 trillion1. It’s time to take action and help students and borrowers.

Squeezing the Middle Class

Student loan debt is hurting our economy. Individuals with college degrees pay an average of $350 a month, making them less likely to buy a new car or home2. Student loan debt is robbing the middle class of their future.

Walker Opposes Common-Sense Reforms

Despite this crisis, Scott Walker increased UW tuition and opposed a plan that would allow Wisconsin borrowers to refinance their student loans, just like you can with a mortgage3. He’s not looking out for Wisconsin’s borrowers.

Say NO to Walker
on November 4th

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